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The first World Nomad Games were held in Kyrgyzstan

In September, 14 at the racetrack in the city of Cholpon-Ata the first World Nomad Games finished at the racetrack in Cholpon-Ata city. The tournament was attended by 22 national teams and over 430 athletes from 19 countries. Competitions were held in 10 sports: alysh (belt wrestling), alaman baige (racing cross country in long distance), kunan chabysh (riding on three years horses), kyrgyz kurosh, ordo (kyrgyz national game in alchiks), toguz korgool (kyrgyz intellectual board game), er enish (wrestling on horseback). According to the results of the Nomadic Games Kyrgyz team is the leader in the official medal standings with a total of 55 medals, including 16 gold, 20 silver and 19 bronze. After the completion of the closing ceremony was a festive gala concert with rich show program with participation of Azerbaijan stars - Aslan Huseynov, from USA - Ray Horton, as well as Turkey, Korea, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyz pop stars.

The main aims of the World Nomad Games are to strengthen regional integration, unity of Turkic countries and giving significant impetus to the development of ideology, based on the traditions of their ancestors and community nomadic culture of the peoples of the world.

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