The mountains are the heart of Kyrgyzstan. The landscape of Kyrgyzstan is very diverse and rich in the greatest mountains. Well, besides the great mountains, there are also valleys, hollows, ravines, peaks and of course pools. If you will travel Kyrgyzstan, you will see all the beauties of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our company will provide all the features to make your tour one of the best. From the great mountains to the shallow valleys, your tour in Kyrgyzstan will be unforgettable. If you choose mountain tours, you will have to face climate change. We recommend you to choose any cars for rent from our website and enjoy you 4X4 tours!

The climate in the mountains is sharply continental. If you go upstairs, you will feel cold. If you go downstairs, you will be hot. There are a lot of mountains in Kyrgyzstan and they exceed 1500 m high. Our company will provide you with all the necessary services to make you feel comfortable during the tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Today, the largest range in Central Asia is the Tien Shan range and it occupies about 2/3 area in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. This range is divided into North Eastern Western and also Central and Internal ranges, but still has a feature similar to that of the Alpine mountains.

These ranges are made of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. The area around the Enilchek Glacier has two peaks that are Pobeda and Khan-Tengri. They reach a height of over 7000 m, then 23 peaks higher than 6000 meters, including 3 virgin peaks, and another 80 peaks between 5000 and 6000 meters, including 14 virgin peaks. You will all these amazing peaks if you travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Our guests always choose tours in Kyrgyzstan, because they think that if you came to Kyrgyzstan you must visit the mountains. If you decide to travel in Kyrgyzstan, we will put all efforts in order to meet all your needs during your stay. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are unique in their own way and each tour has its own peculiarity. Therefore, a Travel expert is the leader in providing tourism services. You can visit our site and our managers will answer all your questions according your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Rent a car right now and see wonderful places of Kyrgyz Republic! Car rent is always open for you! 


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