Today, alpinism in Kyrgyzstan was highly appreciated. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will have the opportunity to ride in the mountains, which is quite exciting among travellers. Previously, this entertainment was closed to foreigners. But now you can add it to your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Our company specializes in providing tours in Kyrgyzstan which are available to you in Kyrgyzstan. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be surprised how well you will be met. But you must be prepared for the weather conditions in Kyrgyzstan during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Chance of frequent snow or sleet is possible and may last for several days. Thus, when organizing your tour, you have to take this into account. So be well prepared when you travel in Kyrgyzstan. In order to see magnificent views, we recommend you to rent a car.

Earlier, during the Soviet era, climbers who reached 5 peaks of 7,000 meters were able to receive the award: Snow Leopard «. In Soviet times, about 600 climbers achieved this rank. Great! Isn't it? By the way, you can reach them too during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Speaking of five peaks, two of these peaks are in Tajikistan, two in Kyrgyzstan, and one (Lenin Peak) is on the border between them.

Our team is ready to provide you with these tours in Kyrgyzstan. Rent a car and amaze by journey! We hope you will travel in Kyrgyzstan. You will have a chance to discover new heights in tour in Kyrgyzstan. Car rent is available on website. 

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