Tours in Kyrgyzstan will give opportunity to see a beautiful attraction - Arslanbob. It is located in 80 kilometers north of Jalal-Abad. You will find there the best walnut forests in Arslanbob.  Arslanbob is considered to be the biggest walnut forest in the world. You will have a chance to visit fruitful trees with the high of 30 meters. These forests give one and a half thousand tons of walnuts every year. Our guides will show you wonderful waterfalls during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. They are situated at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level and its height about 80 and 35 meters. There are also sacred lakes as Kel-Mazar and Mount Babash-Ata that is worth to travel in Kyrgyzstan and see. Many people pilgrimage there every year in order to clear the soul. In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan you are going to spend your time being in these wonderful places. Perhaps you can collect fruits from forests in your tour in Kyrgyzstan. However, if you want to travel in Kyrgyzstan for visiting walnut forests, you should come in spring or summer. This is the best time for having fun! Car rent is important to travel with all exclusive! We suggest you to rent a car and enjoy your trip.

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