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All tourists, without exception, before booking a tour on Kyrgyzstan rent cars and setting off to travel, learn about the local currency. Yes, this is the main factor in travel, because people need to understand the difference in currency and bring the required amount of money. Now in this article we will tell you about the currency in Kyrgyzstan so that you are prepared for Kyrgyzstan rent cars travel tour. Therefore, in our country, tourists pay with local currency som and in rare moments with dollars. Money can be exchanged at banks of the country at the beginning of your tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service. You should also be warned that exchange rates in different banks are different, but exchanging money in banks is much better than doing it in the regions or at bazaars. Tourists in order to travel around Kyrgyzstan need to exchange money, and banks usually work until 5pm, and currency exchange offices - about 24 hours a day. Do not forget to have your passport with you to exchange currency. There are Visa and Master card credit cards, but they may not be used in all locations. Cash is often used in Kyrgyzstan.