Different seasons in Kyrgyzstan

Before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan you should be well informed about different seasons of the country and how to rent a car here. You may be astonished by the idea of extra-continental climate of attractive Kyrgyzstan. Climbing higher in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan weather becomes colder and cooler, it is snowing severely. But in fact during tours in Kyrgyzstan you may witness four clearly divided seasons, and they last in accordance with the following months: spring - March -May; summer - May - September; autumn - September - December; winter - December - February. Let us see seasons of weather in Kyrgyzstan closer:

Winter in Kyrgyzstan is presented by cold temperatures at high altitudes especially. Very frosts and colds in Kyrgyzstan start in December - February and one of the coldest months is known to be January. Temperatures vary from + 1 °C (34 °F) to -10 °C. High in the mountains it is snowing any season of the year. It may be rather complicating to travel in Kyrgyzstan in winter as boarding houses are closed and paths are impossible to pass. But winter suits for such kinds of sport as skiing at special resorts. One of the most popular bases for skiing is Karakol resort.

Spring is a season of rebirthing. It is great to make tours in Kyrgyzstan in spring as weather is calm and pleasant. March is known to be the beginning of thawing, rains. And this creates a threat of flood. Temperature is + 16 °C (60 °F). Before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan make sure about weather circumstances as due to rain it may be impossible to pass any paths in mountains. Spring is a high time for gardeners to plant new buds and vegetables/fruits.

Summer is the season of temperatures going high. Average temperatures may be 35 °C (95°F) - 45° C (113° F) and even higher. So, starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan it is better to make sure guests can stand such hot weather. Though in mountains of Kyrgyzstan it is cooler than in cities. As going higher and higher it becomes colder and colder. There also may happen the way you can witness four seasons during summer time in mountains.

Summer is the season of travelling up to glaciers and pastures, high-altitude lakes and meadows. There is an opportunity for guests of Kyrgyzstan in the course of a tour to live in yurts like real nomads. Summer season is a great season for riding a horse, climbing and trekking. Even if you have never tried to ride a horse locals will gladly inform you how to deal with animals. Making a tour in Kyrgyzstan you should visit lakes of the country and especially Issyk Kul. It is advised to arrange all deals in advance as everything may be already not vacant.

Autumn is a high time of tours in Kyrgyzstan as weather is extremely pleasant and there are no crowds of people at popular sites. Autumn is the exact season for tourists to investigate Kyrgyzstan as mountain gorges, high altitude lakes are of amazing beauty. Temperature becomes + 16 °C (60 °F) up to + 3 °C (37.5 °F). Higher in mountains it is colder.

Autumn is also the time of making great photos against stunning and imaginary background - red, yellow and green colors of trees and leaves, white tops of mountains and people working on special machines on fields. But in November it becomes more complicating to make tours in Kyrgyzstan as it becomes extremely colder.

We are glad to meet you in Kyrgyzstan and wish an interesting holiday here! More information about tours in Kyrgyzstan and cars to rent you can get by visiting our website or calling our managers. But first you need to identify your needs - you are looking forward for hiking, trekking, shooting, riding a horse. In accordance with these details we will organize a tour especially for you. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be given information about various legends, stories and mainly history of the country.