Glaciers or ice blocks of the state

Glaciers play a highly important role for the people of Kyrgyzstan as they comprise the sites of great beauty of the whole territory. At the same time our company is considered to be the most leading one able to organize the tour along some of the glaciers, so that often guests can travel there. Moreover, we offer professionals in the spheres of driving, guiding so that professional help will be always given. All at once we offer professional car rent service for the guests to travel with comfort.

For better knowing of the country, Kyrgyzstan is seen as the country covered with the mountain ranges, which are covered with mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers in they turn. That is why today we talk of the glaciers, at the heights of which it is always snowing, and temperatures are rather low. As for the valleys of these ice blocks, these are known to be "Ice Rivers", and they can be reached on rented cars. Basically in the country there are about 800 glaciers, taking 30% from the territory of the land.

We are glad to present the best tour programs for any sightseer, so that the boarders have a view of the glaciers as Enilchek, being divided into Northern and Southern, Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park also.