Having a trip to the Dungan mosque

The Ibrahim Haji Mosque, built in the early XX century without a single nail in the city of Karakol in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan, still impresses residents and visitors of the country with its architectural design. This place will be seen by our guests during tours in Issyk Kul region. Car rent service will make the process faster and convenient. The main thing in tours is clearly focusing to subject. During the construction of this monument of architecture, elements of Chinese architecture were used, which gave the mosque the features of a Buddhist temple. Local residents call the mosque of Ibrahim Haji - Dungan. The main hall can accommodate about a thousand worshippers. The ornament is dominated by plant motifs, but there are images of birds, fish, real and fantastic animals.

At the end of the XIX century, Dungan refugees who had fled from pressure and violence in China moved to the city of Karakol. They founded their own community in Kyrgyzstan and invited the Chinese architect Zhou-Si to Karakol, who built the mosque in three years. The construction material was Tien Shan spruce, elm and poplar. The Dungan Mosque opened in 1910. This spiritual place in excellent condition has survived to this day. You can observe it in our tours in Kyrgyzstan with the usage of car rent service.