Hiking in Ala Archa gorge

We present to your attention - hiking in Ala Archa gorge. The gorge is situated 41 kilometers south of Bishkek. It is located at an altitude of 1600-4800 meters above sea level. You can take a rest in the park that takes 22 square kilometers during tour in Kyrgyzstan. In the course of your tours in Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to spend your weekends in city dwellers. It is situated near the river. You have to travel in Kyrgyzstan and see trails that border the Ak-Sai glacier. It is your chance to visit the famous Ak-Sai glacier which is one of the best tours in Kyrgyzstan. Our team in your tour in Kyrgyzstan will guide you in the famous Ratzek's hut, which is the main camp in Ala Archa gorge. There you can conveniently arrange your tent, and in the morning go to conquer the mountain peaks. So, now we think it caught your attention to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Getting cars for rent will give you more fun in tours.

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