Historical events of Kyrgyzstan

Our car for rent in Kyrgyzstan service is a great chance for tourists to learn the history of the country. Before our travelers decide to go on a tour with Kyrgyzstan car for rent, we decided to briefly describe the most important events in the history of the country. In addition, you will learn more details during the tour from guides and local residents. The history of our Kyrgyzstan is rich.

Many tourists on a tour with a car for rent in Kyrgyzstan go to the gorges, on the walls of which there are old inscriptions that tell about the life of the ancient nomads. Their life consisted in a nomadic way, they moved from one pasture to another, taking with them all their property: yurts, cattle, household utensils, etc. The history goes back 2000 years, in written notes the history begins in 201 BC.

In order to plunge into the history of the country, we advise you to take a tour with a car for rent in Kyrgyzstan and travel to the Issyk Kul region to the city of Cholpon Ata to see the Rock Art Gallery. Having visited this place, travelers learn about the Bronze Age, see images on the walls such as goats, bulls, horses and all animals, scenes of everyday life, such as rituals, dances, communication.

You will travel in a country whose history begins from 201 BC according to Chinese writings, the entire ancient history stretches from 1000 BC before 300 AD. Travelers on a tour with Kyrgyzstan car for rent will also be told about two other information about the Kyrgyz. One of them is given in the chronicle "Historical Notes", which tells about five people who tried to conquer the Hunnu. And other information about the Kyrgyz is contained in the Han Shu chronicle of the historian Ban Gu. Let's note here an important thing that now many modern scientists say that the territory of the state of the ancient Kyrgyz was in East Turkestan.

Our Kyrgyz people note the period from 1200 to 1400 with tragic events, since there were a number of Mongol invasions, they managed to snuff out a rather developed Turkic culture. With a car for rent in Kyrgyzstan, our guests of the country will learn that in 1207 the Yenisei Kyrgyz fell into dependence on Chenghiz Khan. On the tour, you will learn that in the 12-15 centuries the nomads adopted Islam, because they had close trade relations with the Persians, Arabs and Turks.

Taking our tour with Kyrgyzstan car for rent, you will find out that the territory of the Kyrgyz in the 15th century was a place of resettlement of people from Southern Siberia. Travelers understand that it was precisely because of this reason that the local residents did not manage to create a single state by uniting the tribes. Despite the efforts of the leaders to unite, as a result, tribes arose with a political structure and views on the beginning of independence.

You will also learn that from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the Kyrgyz showed an aspiration to become part of the Russian Empire from our rich history during your travel with Kyrgyzstan car for rent. However, not all Kyrgyz wanted this. The reason for this desire was the fear of the northern Kyrgyz from internal and external threats. What you will learn in detail during the travel. Nevertheless, the Kyrgyz of the south did not particularly want such an annexation and, as a result, they were annexed by force. Thus, in Kyrgyzstan, there was a transition from a nomadic lifestyle to an agricultural and civil one.

The next change in history took place at the beginning of the 20 century, in 1917 with the coming of the Bolsheviks to power and the overthrow of the Russian Empire. The new rulers announced the abolition of the exploitation of people, that they would be equal to each other. This beginning of the Soviet Union began to advance the country's cultural, political and educational spheres. However, it is important to note here during the Soviet Union, religion and belief in God in general were prohibited. This led to an increase in the murder of innocent people.

The next important stage in the history of Kyrgyzstan is 1991, because our country gained independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the tour with rent a car service, you will learn that after such changes, at first, people had a desire to become independent, but they received a decrease in living standards, unemployment and a crisis in political, economic and social life. However, of course then everything, starts to improve a little in 992 Kyrgyzstan became a member of the UN; in 1993, it adopted its own Constitution. Then again, in 2005 and 2010 there were instabilities due to two revolutions. On a tour with rent a car service, they will tell you in detail about the causes of the two revolutions, but we will say in short that it was the people's dissatisfaction with the presidency.

Many travelers visit Kyrgyzstan today because the country is calm and hospitable. And here it is convenient to travel because there are tours with rent a car service.