History of Kyrgyzstan

In your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will be told about Kyrgyz history played an important role in developing Kyrgyz culture. It is known that Kyrgyz has the nomadic history that is why they considered being nomads. If you want to feel yourself as nomad, you can travel in Kyrgyzstan.  When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will learn that the nomad people never participated built big cities due to their close relation to the nature. They used to live in yurts moving from one place to another. You will also have opportunity to live in yurts. It is important not to spoil the nature by buildings. They never write letters; vice versa they used to talk orally. Kyrgyz history is known from a long time ago, almost for 2000. The first name "Kyrgyz" was found 201 BC. Thus, for learning more about Kyrgyz history, it is better to come during yours tours in Kyrgyzstan. So, it is a good idea to start your tours in Kyrgyzstan now and open adventures. We recommend you to rent a car and learn more about Kyrgyzstan.  

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Prehistory (1 million years ago - 1 000 BC)
When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will learn that, the first appearance of Kyrgyz people brought up a significant feature to the development of Kyrgyz culture. If you want to learn more about Kyrgyz appearance you can visit our website and search for car rent. We can give you an example of Rock Art Gallery in Cholpon Ata. In the Bronze Age, this place was a spiritual center for humans during their life. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you will see approximately 2000 images that carved on stones and rocks, as petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are the images that pictures animals like goats, bulls, horses, deers, camels, dogs as well as peoples and other creatures. You will find images of hunting, plowing, ritual dancing, animals with carts, labyrinths, erotic and other scenes in your tour. Nowadays it is considered to be the national heritage of Kyrgyz republic.

Ancient History (1 000 BC - 300 AD)
In general, the first ethnonym "Kyrgyz" was appeared in 201 BC. Going back to the history, the Chinese historian Sima Tan in his "Historical notes" mentioned Kyrgyz as people that were conquered by the Hunnu. The next mention of the Kyrgyz people goes back to the 1st century BC. It was also mentioned in another Chinese notes "Han-shu" (History of Han) and was written by historian Ban Gu. Over the time the appearance of Kyrgyz people was totally done. Most mentions about Kyrgyz were found in the Chinese chronicles and observed in the Eastern Turkestan territory. So that, we can conclude that the ancient Kyrgyz people were developed in the 1st century BC. After, it took place in the East of Kyrgyzstan.   

 Turkic Era (500-1200)
The Turkic Era was first found in the early Middle Ages starting from 6th to 13th centuries. It was established by the migration of Turkic-speaking tribes from the Altai Mountains to the Central Asian region. So, it was time of forming the first Turkic dynasties. In your tour you will told a short history of ancient Kyrgyz, for instance, in 6th century there were not any records about Kyrgyz in Chinese notes, so that nobody knew about them. Over the time they formed the Kyrgyz Kaganate in 7th century. It was located on the middle Yenisei River and South Siberia. The ruler of the Kyrgyz Kaganate was Barsbek ajo-king. In the 9th - 10th centuries the empire of Yenisei Kyrgyz formed from the Irtysh River in the west to the Big Khingan range in the east, from the Angara and Selenga Rivers in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south. Finally the Russian historian Barthold presented the Great Kyrgyz Empire.

The Mongol Rule (1200-1400)
The Mongol Rule put the tragic spot in the history of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia in 13th century. It was a period of great Mongol conquest. They formed an army whose ruler was Genghis Khan and ruined the territory of Central Asia and demolished the Turkic culture. After that, the Yenisei Kyrgyz succumbed themselves to Genghiz Khan in 1207. Chenghiz Khan ruled the army for several hundred years.

In the 12th and 15th centuries the Kyrgyz people start following the Islam religion. The religion is widely used among Persian, Arab, and Turkic traders who spent their life along the Silk Road. Tour in Kyrgyzstan will give you a chance to learn more about Kyrgyz beliefs and its culture that brought up a significant in developing Kyrgyz nationality. Thus, we want you to travel in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz consolidation (1400-1800)
The Kyrgyz people travelled from South Siberia to the territory of Kyrgyzstan in 15th  century and established Kyrgyz consolidation . However, in 15 th -19 th centuries the statehood of Kyrgyz people was not formed yet. It was time of war where Kyrgyz leaders fought for freedom in order to create its own state.  But efforts were not succeeded and they formed ethno-political system. It has consisted independent tribes. This system existed for four centuries. The history of Kyrgyzstan is full of interesting stories that going to help you in your tour in Kyrgyzstan .

Russian Colonization (1770-1917)
The Russian Colonization was established in the period of Kyrgyz embassies that ruled by the northern Kyrgyz leaders. It made Kyrgyz to join Russia and get total protection from threats. Due to this time there were many wars between China, Koqand and Kazakhs. It called forces to them for seeking the protection of Russia. The northern Kyrgyz peacefully joined Russia, but southern Kyrgyzstan was taken by force due to colonization policy and military forces of the Russian Empire. After that it established a new administrative-territorial system among Kyrgyz. Finally the nomadic life start its developing in settling down and improving agricultural economy.

Soviet Rule (1917-1991)
The Soviet Rule has developed the Kyrgyz history with help of Bolsheviks who came to power in 1917. The principle of creating a socialist society was a good idea to free the people and give them equal power in Central Asia. This time was politically and economically developed due to Soviet liberalism. It was a great opportunity of developing schools, universities, work, professional literature, theatre, painting, cinema, science as well as the establishment of a large-scale heavy metal processing industry and machinery. Bolsheviks made a huge contribution of the forming the Kyrgyz statehood. Nowadays the Kyrgyz republic is flourishing due to the policy of Bolsheviks. Unfortunately there were many deaths because of Authorization, Collectivization and Cultural Revolution. But it is all in the past. Today the country is totally developed and offers the best tour in Kyrgyzstan for its guests.

Independent Kyrgyzstan (since 1991)
When the Soviet Union collapsed, Kyrgyzstan gained independence. Thus, it acquired state attributes such as the flag, coat of arms and anthem. The Constitution of Kyrgyzstan was adopted in 1993. Further, it joined the UN on March 2, 1992. Unfortunately, after a while the lives of people turned into total unemployment. If earlier Kyrgyzstan flourished, then later He faced a terrible crisis. Kyrgyzstan's life became unstable after two revolutions which led to the rejection of presidents in 2005 and 2010. Kyrgyzstan was a socio-economic cultural center. Later Kyrgyzstan changed its direction and became a parliamentary system. Finally, Kyrgyzstan elected a new president in 2017.

You can see that the history of Kyrgyzstan has radically changed the lives of its people. If you decide to travel in Kyrgyzstan, then you will have a great opportunity to see fragments from the history of Kyrgyzstan. Our company will provide you with tours in Kyrgyzstan namely in historical directions. Today Kyrgyzstan is a terrific destination for tours. Our company is committed to offer you the best tours in Kyrgyzstan. Your every tour in Kyrgyzstan promises to be unforgettable. Our company is a leader among tourists. If you decide to travel with us, we will make your tour amazing. We recommend you to rent a car and see ancient places. Our company prepared wonderful cars for rent for you.