Holy building Dungan mosque

Kyrgyzstan travelers can visit the Dungan Mosque and stroll the grounds at any time during their tour. The boarders find the mosque's past interesting and believe it warrants more examination.

Due to this, it is known that individuals came from China to Kyrgyzstan in 1877, where you are currently on your tour of the country. Almost immediately after their arrival, they established a community. In 1907, these people decided to invite the architect Chjou Siy. Construction of the mosque and its supplies began with his help and the help of another 20 individuals. This allowed them to construct a whole structure without the use of nails.

Travelers may now rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and visit the mosque on their own tour. Kyrgyzstan car rent also allows you to learn about the importance of a building's colors. Among the hues to be observed are red, which denotes protection from evil spirits; yellow, which symbolizes prosperity; and green, which symbolizes pleasure.

Religion and attendance at religious sites were forbidden under the Soviet Union's reign. The most of it took place in the 20th Century. Then, when World War II ended, the Muslims donated a large sum of money. It was also allowed to be examined by the government. If you want to visit Karakol and the Dungan Mosque, you'll need to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan for the time being.


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