Horse games and other national games

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its horse games that took roots from nomadic antiquity. We would like you to rent a car from our website and discover the country. We will tell you more about it in your tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Men wanted show his strength, bravery, and sense of purpose riding a horse. So, don't surprise that all national games related with horses. Horse is a big treasure from ancestors.

The highest played games in Kyrgyzstan is horse riding. There are games played by nomads as a team game: kok-boru. It divided into two teams of 8 people competing with each other in throwing the dead goat into the opponent's goal. It is rather difficult, but interesting. Being in Kyrgyzstan, don't miss to add this game in tours in Kyrgyzstan. It really worth it!  

If you want to play this game, you have to be strong and with perfect endurance and physical strength. For sure to have some skills in riding horse. Horse itself must be durable and valiant in competition. The next breathtaking game is Erenish. It is team of riders where they should to throw an opponent off the horse. This game a little bit same like previous one but has its own unique peculiarities. Basically horse sport is one more attraction you have to try during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. The next game is Kyz-Kuumai. Almost the same as previous games but in this way you have run after girl instead of dead goat. This game is interesting, as well because you will have a chance to marry this girl, if you won. This game will be surprising in your tour in Kyrgyzstan! Our company already took into account this game and going to surprise you in the course of tour in Kyrgyzstan! We advise you to rent a car and enjoy your journey!

A little from history...The equestrian game "Kyz Kuumai" is always been an important part of life for all nomads. Giving an example from western part, they used to compose songs and sing serenade under girl's window in order to show love but Kyrgyz men show their love by strength and endurance during horse ride competition. The Kyrgyz word "KyzKuumai" is translated in English as "Catch up the girl". Before this game was a traditional wedding custom, even today, it is possible to see in modern wedding parties. This game is played by bride and groom, the groom has to catch a bride, but is it very difficult because bride is always gets a fast and strong horse. The groom's destiny is poor in game. If guy really want to marry this girl, he will do everything to achieve her and catch. After, he has to kiss her and get right to marry her. If she does not want to accept him as groom, she has right to hit him with a whip. Isn't this game wonderful? We will add this game in your wish list when you travel in Kyrgyzstan and let you feel the real nomad life! If you have a plan to travel in Kyrgyzstan and play this game, we are free to help you and make your tours in Kyrgyzstan perfect!

The next interesting Kyrgyz national game is wrestling-alysh. This game took roots from Greco-Roman free style wrestling and widespread among Kyrgyz. Beside horse riding and wrestling there are many intellectual games like: toguz korgool. It looks like chess where you can show your abilities of thinking during play. Kyrgyz national games are very important to them and they have a big respect for their ancestors.

During your tour in Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to see these games and even participate. We think it is an amazing idea, if you travel in Kyrgyzstan! For exploring the country car rent is available on our website.