Konorchek canyons the ancient city of the country

Konorchek is close to Bishkek there is a fabulous place, it is located 135 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in the Boomsky gorge. We should admit that our company offers car rent in tours. Konorchek canyon is also called Aeolian locks. Such a beautiful name is a combination of the dry geological term "Aeolian deposits" and a poetic attitude to nature, when, having seen something beautiful, we want to give it a fantastic, sublime form. Such feelings visit a person walking through the canyons, as if he was in the narrow streets of a medieval city. You can only go to the Canyons through the labyrinths of rocks along the bed of a dried-up river. Rocky columns of red sandstone stretch for many kilometers. Our guests are always impressed by this majesty in tours along Kyrgyzstan.

Here, time seems to stop, and the traveler is captured by these picturesque landscapes, which it is impossible to admire enough. The climate in the canyons of Konorchek is quite unusual and peculiar: in summer it is very hot and dry, in winter it is cold, but almost without precipitation.

Canyons were created by the forces of erosion for several million years. Where the earth's crustal movements opened cracks and fractures, rain and wind immediately destroyed the underlying sandstone, decorating the landscape with bizarre columns. So, step by step, time, water and wind created a magnificent fairy-tale world of Aeolian castles.

Aeolian castles are located on the way from Bishkek to Lake Issyk-Kul. From Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, to the beginning of the journey, we will have to get by car to the Boomsky gorge up to 135 kilometers. You can use our car rent service in tours. Then you need to turn into the adjacent gorge. The rest of the way will be on foot. The path runs along the bottom of a narrow rock canyon, the vertical walls of which sometimes converge up to several meters. After another turn, a wide valley suddenly opens up with a stunning view of the Aeolian castles. A view that will not leave anyone indifferent.