Kyrgyz Alpinism

As Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country it is the great place for mountaineers, climbers, hikers, trekkers to rent cars Bishkek to see it to be a suitable place for alpinism. In accordance with the history mountains of Kyrgyzstan were the prohibited zone during the Soviet Union. Those who wished to travel in mountains of Kyrgyzstan needed to get permission. Among various complications that could arise in the course of a tour in mountains of Kyrgyzstan, weather took a leading place. Weather in mountains of Kyrgyzstan is presented by heavy snowfalls and strong winds, by extremely cold temperatures and risks of avalanches. Being in Kyrgyzstan with a desire to vault tops of mountains it is recommended to do under supervision of professionals.

During the Soviet Union period there was given a prize to those mountaineers who could claim to vault all five high peaks of 7000m. It is known that about 600 climbers managed to vault all peaks and claim a prize of the Snow Leopard. Two peaks are located in Tajikistan, two in Kyrgyzstan and Peak Lenin is on the border of these two peaks.

We are ready to organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan car for rent in accordance with your wishes and desires as your suggestions are on the first place. Contact our managers for them to be able to take into account all your suggestions and let you travel in Kyrgyzstan with pleasure. Making tours in Kyrgyzstan you have a great possibility to see all historical places and places of great significance for the people of the country.