Kyrgyz Altyn Arashan gorge

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Being in Kyrgyzstan you can notice that our country is very interesting and nature is so beautiful that you can't stop admiring it that is why it is necessary to pay attention to the gorge Altyn Arashan. Visiting town Karakol you can make a tour in Kyrgyzstan and on rented car travel to the gorge Altyn Arashan that is seen as a valley of the river of the same name.   Altyn Arashan gorge is presented as hot springs of Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the most attractive places that may be visited in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Identifying the name in translation we say it is transmitted from the Turkic language as "Golden Spa" and seen as extremely pleasant for health and body. During tours in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent we find as a great opportunity to have a bath in mineralized with radon waters of the gorge. What usefulness may be found? It is very great for your health to have a bath in these waters as they make a great influence on the immune system along with other pleasant effects. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you can pay your attention on the idea of prettiness of the gorge.

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