Kyrgyz Boat cruise in Issyk Kul lake

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent and you must visit lake Issyk Kul and make a boat cruise there. Issyk Kul is a "hot lake" that never freezes due to the high level of salt in the water. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you are free to visit the lake located in the very heart of mountains. Right here you have an opportunity to have sunbathes on the shores of the lake and swim in cool waters of the pearl. At the same time your tour in Kyrgyzstan may be done along with the boat cruise for you to accumulate your powers and energy. Boat cruise will be done on motor ships "Moltur", "Adilet", "Korsar", "Kyrgyzstan". Your tour in Kyrgyzstan on lake Issyk Kul will be fulfilled with legends and stories about it along with variety of interesting facts. We are looking forward for you to pay all your attention in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan on the lake.

Travel and rent the car in Kyrgyzstan you are obliged to visit Lake Issyk Kul as it is a pearl of the country and shows up great interest from tourists all over the globe. More information you can find on our website, at the same time contact our managers and they will tell peculiarities about tours in Kyrgyzstan available.  In case you have decided to visit Kyrgyzstan but you are not sure about the tour to take, again contact our managers and they will give you an advice.