Kyrgyz Felt show

Being in Kyrgyzstan on rented cars you have an opportunity to visit felt show and get great impressions. People of Kyrgyzstan used to be nomads and their main activity was to breed the cattle. In the course of a tour there will be an opportunity to notice that all created by ancient people is animal-related. Centuries of existence of people at the territory of Kyrgyzstan gave us lots of pretty things made by them.

Going further we say that the most significant source of material is felt. In Kyrgyzstan people used to produce things of compressed wool of sheep. Being in Kyrgyzstan you will see that all is made with felt - yurts, hats, chapan and ak-kalpak, toys, decorations. Carpets are also made with the help of felt - shyrdak is a carpet created especially with great skills and knowledge. Chiy is a plant for mats and felt production, yurts and other clothes decoration. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan guests can try to make their own carpet in villages Bokonbaevo and Kochkor.

Travel and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan you can always find something new and interest. Our managers can organize a tour in accordance with your offers and desires. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, spend your holiday with a maximum relax!