Kyrgyz Glaciers

Due to the fact that Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country, high in the mountains there are glaciers that never melt. It is always snowing and never melting. Snow is compressed in sheets of ice that is transformed into glaciers. In the course of a tour it may be rather complicating to investigate glaciers as they are located high in the mountains and weather is severe there. Valleys of glaciers are known to be "Ice Rivers" and they move for 3-40 cm in a day. The speed of their moving depends on width, thickness and slope of the valley. At the beginning of such glaciers snow often is fresh and due to that is one of dangers for those vaulting it in the course of a tour car for rent in Kyrgyzstan. It is estimated that glaciers in Kyrgyzstan comprise 8208 ones with snow lying at the territory of 8100km2.

Glaciers are considered to cover 4% of the area of Kyrgyzstan with 30% of permanent snow territory. During tours in Kyrgyzstan it may be interesting to visit Enilchek Glacier that is seen from the point of view of two branches - north and south. It is located in the Eastern Tien Shan.

Being in Kyrgyzstan rent a car and you can visit some smaller glaciers the Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park. All glaciers of Kyrgyzstan comprise 580 m3. In case glaciers start melting they may cover the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan at a depth of 3m.

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