Kyrgyz History

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on cars rent you should know the history of these places. Tien Shan mountains form the system of mountain ranges. There had been given notes of different travellers making their tour in Kyrgyzstan about history of these places and legends connected to them. All these notes were considered to be difficult to be believed but first trustful notes were given by the Russian explorer Pyotr Semyonov. In the 19th century he made a tour in Kyrgyzstan and let people know more about our country. Due to this fact the tsar gave him the title Tienshansky as he was an investigator of these places. He is known to investigate not the whole territory - in the 7th century BC the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang made a travel tour in Kyrgyzstan and described the way that there is nothing but snow and ice, it is snowing any season of the year with strong, cold and severe wind blowing. And it is true in relation to mountains of Kyrgyzstan as at high altitudes temperature is rather lower. The other exploration was made by the group consisting of Marco Polo, his father and uncle in 1273. They travelled in Kyrgyzstan and open some routes.

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