Kyrgyz Introduction

Making a short introduction about Kyrgyzstan we say that it is a country of travelling on cars rent Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan is known to be the country in Central Asia with an official name of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our country is applicable for tours and travelling as our mountains are a great option for all to travel on car rent here. Any season of the year we find great for starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is surrounded by mountains of Tien Shan and presents us pristine nature. People of past times have been nomads and they used to travel in Kyrgyzstan on pastures and meadows. Travelling in summer and autumn you will get a pleasant weather atmosphere. Winter creates great opportunities for winter kinds of sport and spring is the time of renaissance. Kyrgyzstan is known for holding World Nomad Games.

Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will get unforgettable emotions. We are glad to offer service of a high level and we are always on your side for making your tour in Kyrgyzstan great. Extra information about tours in Kyrgyzstan you can find on our website. Also, our managers are always glad to describe all peculiarities of tours in Kyrgyzstan and about the country itself. We welcome you to our sunny Kyrgyzstan and are ready to organize a tour for you to investigate mountains.