Kyrgyz Khan Tengri

In the course of a tour cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan and visiting the Issyk Kul region you can see the Khan Tengri peak that is known also as "Prince of Spirits" or "Ruler of the Sky". Khan Tengri is a peak in Kyrgyzstan of great altitude. First there was given information that it is 6995m above sea level but further investigations showed it is 7010m, but it is doubtful.

The peak was mistaken with the peak Pobeda by Pyotr Semyonov as they seem to be similar by the shape. He made investigations during tours in Kyrgyzstan of those times in 1857. Locals name the peak as Kan Tau (Blood Mountain). This name makes you consider deeper the reason of it - or it due to amazing red-orange sunsets, or due to great amount of deaths of people trying to vault it.

The first managed climbing was made in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent in 1931 by the team from Ukraine. During the period of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to travel in mountains of modern Kyrgyzstan. Those who managed got a special permission. It was in force up to 1989. The territory of a peak is a great place for making tours in Kyrgyzstan and making great photos against breath-taking views.

Mountain presents us the Enilchek Glacier and Merzbacher lakes that seem to bear some legend and mystery. They used to appear and disappear every year. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you may go near the Ak Togue pass that is the division of the range Terskey Ala Too. The peak is the residence of Tien Shan firs that are continuing into the river Karkara and mountain valley of the river Sary Zhaz.

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