Kyrgyz Konorchek canyons

Konorchek canyons are canyons that resemble the Grand Canyon but are located in Kyrgyzstan. In 125km from Bishkek there is an opportunity to visit Large and Small canyons  in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Canyons are remarkable for an extinct volcano 3 million years old and of course columns created during strong winds blowing there. Being in Kyrgyzstan you should visit these canyons as it is the place where you can forget about all difficulties and complications, just the place where time stops going on. Columns of the canyon are estimated to be 500m high and 200 km long. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you travel these canyons on rented cars and find ancient images of animals and creature from fairy-tales. For you to fully perceive the beauty of the place it is necessary to spend more than two days. These days will be devoted to the investigation of canyons from all points of view. During tours in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent and you should note that you are free to watch amazing sunrises and sunsets. Also an important factor to be known is the climate: it is extremely hot there and in order to have a pleasant tour in Kyrgyzstan you should not hope for the rain but to take care of tour clothes and wearing.

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