Kyrgyz Language

Kyrgyzstan is known to be the country of many nations that leads us to the existence of various languages at the territory of a country. It is well-known that Kyrgyz language came from the family of Turkic languages. First alphabet of people of Kyrgyzstan cars rent used to be from the Orhon-Yenisey (Turkic) script than came Arabic Alphabet in the course of adoption of religion Islam. In 1927 with the existence of the Soviet Union there was adoption of Latin alphabet and then Cyrillic one. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will see that language of state and official documents is Kyrgyz. It is divided into two dialects - northern, of Chui and Issyk Kul regions. And the capital - spoken by people of the Fergana valley of Kyrgyzstan. The language of intercultural communication in Kyrgyzstan is Russian and it is spoken by those who do business and commerce.

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