Kyrgyz Manas complex

Visiting Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent and it is highly recommended to pay attention to the Manas Complex. Being in the Talas region of Kyrgyzstan in 22 km from Talas city, the complex is located. National cultural-historical complex "Manas-Ordo" is 2.25 km2 is known to be one of the most visited place in Kyrgyzstan that is full of legends about the warrior Manas. Travel in Kyrgyzstan rent cars as it is recommended to know the history of the place and it tells us about the fact of the complex being built by heroes to the hero. The other legend tells us that the complex was built at the territory of Kyrgyzstan as the burial ceremony of the daughter of emir Abuka in 1334. The complex is surrounded by stone warriors - balbals. Also during tours in Kyrgyzstan you can make a witness of paintings and sculptures inside the complex.

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