Kyrgyz Peak Pobeda

One of the most popular and known peaks in Kyrgyzstan is Peak Pobeda. It may be seen in the region of Issyk Kul. During the times of the Soviet Union  it was the second highest peak. Travel in Kyrgyzstan you will find out that it is one of 7000m peaks in Central Asia, it is 7 439m above sea level. Peak Pobeda may be found to be the located on the border with China; also it borders the Zvezdochka glacier. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will see that as it is the part of China as well, the name from that part for the peak is Tomur.

As the history of names of the peak concerns, it is a little bit complicating process. When

Pyotr Semyonov made tours in Kyrgyzstan he mistook the Peak Pobeda with the Peak Khan Tengri. They seem to be of similar shapes - pyramid. And both mountains were named Khan Tengri during different periods of time. During tours in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent guests of the country will be told historical notes of the mountain - in 1946 in honor of the Victory in WW2 it was named as Pobeda (victory).

There had been made abundance of tries to mount the top of the peak during tours in Kyrgyzstan rent cars by different mountaineers. In 1938 Soviet team mounted the top, in 1955 two teams from Kazakhstan - the Chon tern Pass and Uzbekistan conquered the peak. But they were met by deteriorating weather circumstances that made them to go back from 6000m. This tour in mountains of Kyrgyzstan led to 12 people survived and some of them found accidently. That is why we have to say that this mountain is known to be dangerous for mounting.

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