Kyrgyz Sulaiman Mountain

Being in Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent in the Osh region you can visit Sulaiman Mountain as a place of faith. It is known that it is located in the 3000 years old town Osh. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will see that the mountain is 1175 meters above sea level with 1,140m long and 560m wide.

The mountain is connected with the legend as all places in Kyrgyzstan. It is said that the biblical King Solomon (Suleiman) visited the mountain. The very mountain serves a sort of significance as during tours in Kyrgyzstan you can see petroglyphs as evidences of those ages. First it was named as Bara-Kukh then Takht-i-Suleiman - "The Throne of Solomon". At the top of a mountain the mosque "Taht-i-Suleiman" may be visited as a part of a tour program in Kyrgyzstan. It was built during Bobur of the Timurid dynasty empowering.

Sulaiman Mountain bears great significance for people of Kyrgyzstan and in one of seven caves of the mountain there is the Osh United Historical and Cultural Museum. Sulaiman Mountain became the part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009 as a great ancient piece of art and culture, compared in the significance with mosques and mausoleums.

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