Kyrgyz Uzgen complex

Being in the Osh region during tours in Kyrgyzstan it is recommended to pay attention to the Uzgen complex that is located in 54km from the Osh town on the shore of the river Kara Darya. During travel tours in Kyrgyzstan you will take a car for rent and listen to the history of this place. And as the history concerns, the complex was based in the ancient city Uzgen that appeared in the II-I centuries BC. The city was considered to be center of trade of people going from the Fergana Valley to Kashgar along territories of modern Kyrgyzstan. During XI-XII centuries it was the second capital of the state of Karakhanids. Then when the state was at the point of powers the Uzgen minaret was created. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will see the 27.5 m high minaret that was 45m high before it being destroyed.   Being here you can notice that the building is of 3 parts: first we see foundation of 9m sides, then goes the lower part of 5m. The first part is built of stone and the second of bricks. Going further we notice the south part of the minaret is 2m high with the middle of it to be in the form of cylinder. Being in Kyrgyzstan you can step the famous spiral staircase of 53 steps. It is the unique feature of the mosque as going upper we notice the tower. This tower was used and still may be used by the mullah to say words of pray to the locals. Anyway we find the Uzgen complex as one of the most interesting sites of historical meaning. It is seen from the point of view of great places in frames of surroundings as well.

Being in Kyrgyzstan on rented car as you are recommended to visit the Uzgen complex as it reflects the history of people of the country and the country itself. We are glad to offer our service and make everything in Kyrgyzstan on the highest level. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan you will get overwhelming feelings. Thank you for making tours with our company, we greatly appreciate it!