Language of Kyrgyz people

Many travelers are inclined to book tours with rent a car in Bishkek through Kyrgyzstan from us in order to learn the bases of the local language in close connection with the locals. Such a tour with rent a car in Bishkek around the country allows you to spend a fascinating and informative travel time surrounded by local residents.

Our tour include such an interesting option as the offer by our managers to tourists of dictionaries in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. However, you should not think that you will have to cope with the tasks yourself throughout the entire tour with rent a car in Bishkek, because we have English-speaking guides who will be happy to be your assistants in your travel around Kyrgyzstan. Many tourists find the Kyrgyz language from a research point of view.

If we analyze the language in detail, then Kyrgyz is one of the Turkic languages. With our rent a car in Bishkek tour during your travel through Kyrgyzstan, you will have the opportunity to understand that Orhon-Yenisei was the first script for the Kyrgyz language. Then, when Islam began to gain popularity among the Kyrgyz people, the previous script was changed to Arabic. There were still times when the Latin alphabet was used in the Kyrgyz language. Then the Soviet Union comes and therefore the alphabet was once again changed to Cyrillic. Cyrillic is still used today in the Kyrgyz language with the addition of new sounds. We are trying to please tourists with an unforgettable travel tour around Kyrgyzstan, so that you want to come back here again. The official language of our independent country is Kyrgyz, which has southern and northern dialects. Russian plays the role of the second important language. You can take a travel tour with rent a car in Bishkek and join the local flavor through the language.

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