Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan

Mountains in Kyrgyzstan are like magnets for all mountaineers and just admirers so the Lenin peak is usually the aim of such people. We would like to give you a sort of information before you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent which tells that the peak is 7134m above sea level. During the times of the Soviet Union it was prohibited to make any tours and travel to the mountains. The government was not able to organize a good security of the people travelling in the mountains and it was probably the reason of prohibition. Only local dwellers had an opportunity to get the allowance of starting tours on rented car to the mountains, foreigners were completely prohibited.

We would like to inform you that it is rather difficult and dangerous to organize tours in Kyrgyzstan mountains as the height is great and not all the people are able to vault the top of it. Also, there is a supposition for all who want to conquer the Everest are said to vault peaks of 7000m located in Kyrgyzstan. For now not all the people can travel to the peak of the mountain, there must be taken special preparation for vaulting.