Outdated clothes of the past times

The company of ours is ready to create the tour covering the viewing of the traditions and customs of the country. For this we offer rent cars and first read the article created especially for the guests of Kyrgyzstan. As they have a trip here on their own wish, they always desire to view the clothes worn in the past times. It can be also seen as the greatly important and interesting point of discussion for the locals and the new-comers. Everyone coming for the tour here have a desire to view the customs and traditions, especially get in touch with the clothes of traditional meaning.

When the guests come to Kyrgyzstan they have a desire to have the investigation of the country totally, as taken for the immersing in cultural views. At the same time we would like to note of the clothes showing the customs, life of spiritual idea. That is why the clothes of our country is known to be of 700 years old. But in the modern world traditional clothes can be met only during various traditional holidays. But they are required to be identified as the adaptive clothing for the nomadic way of life, when the people could have felt comfortable high in the mountains, where there are heights and the strong winds. So be careful while you travel here.

Car rent service is known to show the views of the clothes with visiting of museums. They show up different exhibitions, where clothes of traditional meaning can be seen. So, Outwear and Underwear are shown there. For example in the past times men were wearing pants "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar". For both men and women warm coat "Ichik" was popular. Fur is known to be made of wolf, fox, lynx. Men also were the ones to wear shoes Chokoy and Charyk and hats tebetey, kalpak and malakai. While guests travel here, they are able to immerse in the past times and get closer to the ideas of the ancient people.

For the traditional women clothes, the skirt "beldemchi" was famous. There were also hats for the girls, being decorated with the feathers of birds, traditional ornaments, pearls and precious stones. Oh, and of course jacket "chyptama" was rather famous among the women.


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