Peak Lenin

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its mountains, especially for peaks, for example Peak Lenin. It is situated in the Osh oblast and borders with Tajikistan. Its height is about 7134 m. It is the third highest mountain in Soviet Union and it looks like "high armchair". Sometimes it is difficult to see the peak due to the clouds. This peak is something like a pyramid. When you will travel in Kyrgyzstan you will somehow feel that you are in Egypt, because many mountains here are like pyramids.

This peak was discovered and explored by the Russian researcher of Central Asia A.P. Fedchanko in 1871. During his travels in the northern Pamirs, he revealed amazing features and provided the facts of the Pamir Mountains. It used to be called Peak Kaufman in honor of the Russian governor-general in central Asia, but was later changed and named as Kuhi-Gamo in honor of the Russian leader, which in translation means (Warm Mountain). Our company will also give you the opportunity to visit this peak and enjoy the beauty of the great mountains during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Having got car rent will make your travels fun!

In 1929, after exploring this peak, an expedition took place. Only two people reached this peak and discovered the possibility that this is an amazing base to begin to ascend in the Zaalai range. After sometime the second expedition has started. The Mountaineers were from Soviet Red Army. They tried the best to reach this peak and finally done. The Peak Lenin is considered to be the highest peak in the world, covered with snow. Beside this there were three participants from north face who reached this peak on 8th of September in 1934. Such an interesting story, isn't it? We hope that you will enjoy your mountain tour in Kyrgyzstan. After that there were only few attempts of reaching the peak. There is important information for you that our guides will tell you during your mountains tours in Kyrgyzstan about an expedition that was held in 1967. It has consisted about 301 people. This event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union. There were sixty mountaineers of foreign countries and 20 of them were women.  Nowadays there are 16 routes to the summit, especially from the Southeast face. You will this route as well in your travel list during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. We suggest you to rent a car and enjoy your trip!

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will see that the mountain got a value among climbers because it considered being popular due to its 7000 metres high.

Many mountaineers have died during climb due to the weather changes, but it does not mean that mountains in Kyrgyzstan are very dangerous, vice versa they are good if you will be ready like physically and have special equipment during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan in winter, you will have an opportunity to see magical peculiarities of Kyrgyz Mountains.  There is a tragic story when happened in 1974 where B-women team was caught by a storm. They wanted prove that women also strong and in condition to reach mountains but unfortunately it was their last words. Unfortunately, after that the wind occupied them and they died one by one. The second tragedy happened in 1991 where 44 climbers lost their life due to an earthquake where only one climber survived and others like 42 climbers are lost. Nowadays this tragedy is considered to be the world's worst mountaineering tragedy. There are many camps and the main camp is known as Achik Tash, and the second main camp is Lukovaya Polyana (Wild Onion Field).

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