This will be a small review of Kyrgyzstan for our dear travelers! Now, in order to travel around the country, many tourists use the services of travel companies, because these companies will already think over the plan of your tour in advance. And of course, this is one of the right decisions travelers make. Only such companies can better know how to enter and leave the country, which places should be included for a visit, in general, how to make a travel.

Our company also performs similar functions, offers a large selection of rent cars, and makes tours personally according to the preferences of travelers. In our tours with car rental, we offer tourists all kinds of attractions in Kyrgyzstan and include in the tour exactly those places that they prefer to see.

As for cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan, this is more than possible. Our company provides four-wheel drive cars for, jeeps are especially popular in this Kyrgyzstan rent a car environment. With the help of such car rentals, travelers will have the opportunity to get to hard-to-reach places with dirt and gravel roads during the tour.

The big advantage of Kyrgyzstan is that there are many mountainous regions where travelers can take themselves trekking, horse riding or hiking, which will have a very good effect on your health. Well, one more of the advantages of a tour in such remote areas is communication with local residents, nomads. As for the overnight stay in such tours with rent cars, tourists choose between two options: guesthouses and yurts. Guesthouses are for people who love comfort, and yurts are aimed at those who want to learn more about the culture and traditions of the nomadic people. Recall that in a traditional nomadic dwelling, the toilets are located outside and showers are very rare.

If you contact our company, then you will receive a wonderful tour and a large selection of Kyrgyzstan rent a car.


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