Kyrgyzstan has very interesting rituals that require research in the tour. Our team of experts is very happy to provide you with excellent tours and you will be able to explore interesting information on a tour of Kyrgyzstan. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the article and explore it before the tour starts.

Tourists will be able to rent a car on tours of Kyrgyzstan, explore interesting landscapes, and also explore rituals and customs with traditions, and you will also be able to meet local residents and learn their way of life on a tour of Kyrgyzstan. The rituals themselves come from the ancient past and from the history of the Turkic tribes. And because the Kyrgyz had a nomadic lifestyle, most of their rituals are based on their lifestyle.

During the tour, you will be able to explore what rituals are associated with childbirth in Kyrgyzstan. We recommend that you rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan. You will be able to learn that the first of the rituals is suyunchu, an event when the good news is brought, and then the parents are waiting for gifts. This is followed by a ritual called korunduk, which is based on giving money to the parents if they want to see the child. There is also a ritual called beshik toy, which is an event when the birth of a child is celebrated. On this day, a large number of people come, and food is also prepared according to the traditions of the Kyrgyz and juniper is burned to get rid of evil spirits. In the tour, you will learn that there is a tushu kesuu, an event that is known for when a child takes the first steps. And it is also known that on this day, close people are invited, like relatives, or friends, to tie the child's feet. The ritual itself is based on the fact that the older children run to untangle their legs.

There is also another kind of tradition like a wedding. You will be able to rent a car and explore a lot of interesting information. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that weddings and engagements are given great importance. A lot of guests are invited to the wedding, but people are going through a lot of losses. Ala kachuu is a traditional ritual that comes from ancient times, and it is now forbidden. In this ritual, the bride is abducted, and even unknown people can do it. In the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will also be able to explore that after this, the bride will not be able to leave the groom's house. This is followed by an engagement or as in the Kyrgyz nickname. As you know, according to Muslim traditions, this is the legalization of marriage. During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that kyz uzatuu is a ritual when relatives and friends say goodbye to the bride and she is in the center of attention. After all this, the wedding takes place in the restaurant, and the guests make many toasts and bring gifts. And you can get acquainted with these rituals during a tour of Kyrgyzstan, and you can also rent a car.