Ski in Karakol

Every year, many tourists travel in Kyrgyzstan in order to visit Ski in Karakol. Karakul is considered to be a city of best ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan. There are about 23 ski resorts; 20 of them are placed in Chui oblast, 2 of them in Issyk Kul and 1 in Naryn. They are always available in winter.  So, you can visit it anytime in winter during your tours in Kyrgyzstan. You will find there the biggest ski resort which is located in Karakol city in the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan. If you plan skiing, you have to travel in Kyrgyzstan in December and it lasts till April. Tours in Kyrgyzstan will give you an opportunity to open ski season. You and your friends will be treated well during ski tour in Kyrgyzstan. We will be happy if you choose car rent. Our company is ready to provide by best cars for rent!

Skiing is a leading sport in Kyrgyzstan! Our company provides the best winter skiing tours in Kyrgyzstan. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you will need to stock up with warm clothes, because winters are very cold in Kyrgyzstan. Rent a car right now and don't get cold!