Son Kul lake

We present to your attention the magical lake Som-Kul which won the hearts of many tourists during their tours in Kyrgyzstan. Son Kohl Lake is located in a large depression between two ridges at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan you will have the opportunity to visit this amazing lake. It reaches 29 kilometers in length and 18 kilometers in width. The depth of this lake is 22 meters. So if you want to see all the beauty of this lake, it is better to travel to Kyrgyzstan in the summer. This alpine lake is the largest reservoir in Kyrgyzstan. The lake has a crystal surface and is the pearl of the snowy mountains of Kyrgyzstan. So this is another reason to travel in KyrgyzKyrgyzstan. This lake is very ancient and fascinates with its beauty all the tourists in their tour in Kyrgyzstan. Due to frequent climate changes, this lake changes in color which makes it more mysterious and unexplainable. If you want to visit Son Kul, it is better to come in the summer, since in winter it is covered with a very thick layer of ice and can last for about 130 to 160 days. There is a legend that one Khan wanted to fill up his harem with the most beautiful girls of Tian Shan. However, the suffering girls freed mountains and the Khan's palace was flooded. So that, the Son Kul lake appeared. Therefore, tours in Kyrgyzstan are in demand because of such amazing legends. We would like you to rent a car and see amazing destinations of Kyrgyzstan.

The lake is home to 66 species of fish that spend their time from May to September. Many scientists come here every year to conduct research. In general, Son Kul Lake is not a fish lake, but many species of fish were bred there. Every year 100 tons of fish are caught in the lake. Earlier this lake was considered a camping and also a pasture where many families spent time on the coast of the lake. This lake is like a brilliant radiating diamond. People living off the coast of Son Kul Lake are very polite. During your tour, they will treat you to fresh koumiss and traditional food and of course they will offer you to stay overnight. The territory of the lake is covered with green meadows and beautiful flowers that will not leave you indifferent.

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