Sulaiman elevation in Osh

Tours of the Sulaiman mountain vary depending on who is telling you about it. In this case, the mountain is in Osh, right in the center of the medieval city. Foreign visitors who rent a car to see the region are, in our opinion, a positive thing.

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We are happy to give historical writings and petroglyphs to our customers to help them better understand the nuances of Kyrgyzstan tours and car rentals. These images were carved into the rock by ancient humans. A tale about King Solomon exists in the area (Suleiman). Visitors on Kyrgyzstan tours drive to the peak in a rented car. Takht-i-Suleiman, which means "The Throne of Solomon" in Arabic, was given to the hill. Bara-Kukh was its previous name.

There are about seven caverns within the mountain. Visitors who have rented a car in Kyrgyzstan can visit the Osh Historical and Cultural Museum. In 2009, the mountain was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.