Traditions and Customs

Kyrgyz traditions and customs play an important role in developing history and heritage. It is possible to see them in real time. They are closely related with Turkic and Mongolian people due to their similarity of the nomadic way of life. They have got the same traditions and customs starting from music, clothes, dwellings, language, food, handcrafts, poetry and lifestyle. Due to fact that Kyrgyzstan is a secular country, it does not mean that all traditions and customs forgotten. They honor the memory of ancestors from generation to generation. When you take tours in Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to participate in all traditions and customs! For seeing them we recommend you to rent a car and get acquainted with local families.

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will see that hospitality in Kyrgyzstan is the key of better life. If you come in the Kyrgyz village during your tours in Kyrgyzstan, they will meet you with all heart and won't leave without staying at their house and taste traditional food. This is how Kyrgyz hospitality looks like! The traditional Kyrgyz bread made up from traditional recipes of nomadic way of life. There are several kinds of bread: "komoch-nan"(round bread), "tandyr-nan" which is baked in tandyr. This is kyrgyz oven made of clay. The next Kyrgyz bread "boorsok" (fried pieces of bread). This is symbol of every Kyrgyz table. Let's try drinks! Kumys is sour national drink made from mare's milk. If you want to taste these delights, then travel in Kyrgyzstan. According to customs, if you drink mare's milk, you will be cured from all diseases. When bride gets marry, she should dowry that consists of different types of handmade blankets, pillows and carpets. Every Kyrgyz woman should have professional skills in workmanship and cooking, otherwise she will never get marry. Usually mothers of young daughters give lessons to them from childhood. They teach them how to decorate house with different kinds of household utensils and carpets. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will have chance to visit Kyrgyz village. Don't miss to take a part in handcrafting in your tour in Kyrgyzstan!

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will have an opportunity to take master classes in making carpets and needlework. Our company has many ideas to fulfill all your dreams, if you take our tours in Kyrgyzstan! Our company is always ready to suggest you the best service in your tour in Kyrgyzstan! Best offers of car rent are available on our website. We have comfortable cars for rent!  

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