True greatness of Manas complex

If you ask any people in Kyrgyzstan about three or five of the most important things, concepts or symbols from their point of view, which represent both the nation itself and the statehood of the Kyrgyz, then almost with a hundred percent probability you can guarantee that among them will be the name of the national hero of Kyrgyzstan - Manas. In this regard, it becomes clear that cultural and historical complexes, sculptural compositions, or at least ordinary photo banners dedicated to the national hero, are available in almost all cities and other localities of Kyrgyzstan. In tours we will show all aspects clearly. Moreover, our company offers car rent which will be useful for you.

Physically prepared visitors to Manas-Ordo can climb in tours to the top of Karool-choku Mountain, as there is an amazing view from there. According to the legends of the elders, this mountain is holy, Baatyr Manas himself walked on it, who liked to look into the distance from there. Also, on the slopes of Karool Choku there are several ancient burial mounds and burial grounds that are more than one century old. It is located in 22 km from Talas city, so you can take a car rent in tours.