The yurt is a national dwelling of Kyrgyz nomads. From ancient time, Kyrgyz people used to live in yurts since birth. They never cheat their traditions! Yurts are very warm, that is why Kyrgyz people lived there even in severe colds, but in summer it is quite cool. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble yurts. Kyrgyz people used to move from one place to another. Originally, the word "yurt" is a Turkic word of "jurt" and translated as "the people". Over the time it got name as the dwellings of the nomadic. Being in Kyrgyzstan you will have chance to live in yurts in your tour in Kyrgyzstan. For seeing nomadic yurts, we would like you to rent a car and travel around the county.

Kyrgyzstan is a place of unique nature. The main reason why Kyrgyz people lived in yurts is the freedom, nature and pleasure. Being close to the nature is to be the way you are. The yurt fully satisfies the needs of a nomad due to its convenience and practicality.  The round circle above is a symbol of a family, because Kyrgyz families are big and peaceful. Yurts are cultural heritage of Kyrgyz people that symbolizes humanity. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be satisfied by yurts. Our guests are gift for us and we will satisfy your tour in Kyrgyzstan. Our company has an awesome idea for you that will make your tours in Kyrgyzstan on top! We offer you the best tours in Kyrgyzstan to make yurts by yourself, with the help of our masters it will take you 30 minutes and 3 hours to assemble and disassemble. Yurts accommodate 15 people. But there is one rule presented by Kyrgyz, if you enter in a yurt you have to stay there and eat traditional food! So, you have to travel in Kyrgyzstan and try this luck! Car rent service is always open for you to drive along pristine nature!

Kyrgyzstan is hospitable for its guests. Our company is the best travel company in proving tours in Kyrgyzstan! We are glad to see you here! We offer you the comfortable tour in Kyrgyzstan according to your budget and needs. We are ready to make every tour special for you in Kyrgyzstan. Our company offers affordable cars for rent. 

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