Rental car in Kyryzstan

Welcome to travel in Kyrgyzstan! Here all can find options of tours with renting a car. Cars can be rented with a driver, when you are taken wherever there is a desire, or without a driver - being the host of the wishes. To tell the truth our country is so spellbinding that any route will be fascinating. And for taking a car it is recommended to contact our company.

Rent a Car With Driver:

In terms of modern world with its hectic speed of life there are many situations where it is impossible to do without a car. You are not always able to drive car yourself. At these moments, a car rental service with a driver turns out to be simply irreplaceable. Our drivers are true professionals with a huge experience of driving, well oriented in the city, well-mannered and helpful with customers. Car rent services with a driver is a top quality service at the best price, as well as an individual approach to each customer. Enjoy the ride as your personal chauffeur takes you wherever you need to go, for a few hours or a few days. Our operators will help you with the choice of the car and work out your request in a shortest period of time.


Rent a Car Without Driver:

We are happy to offer car rentals services without a driver which gives you quality and comfort unmatched by any other. Nowadays this kind of service is becoming more and more popular. You will be able to drive the car yourself which is very beneficial when visiting family as you have more options available to you. This way it is you who manages the situation, chooses a route and stop wherever you want. For the most reasonable prices for our services you will receive the car in an outstanding condition. Our staff carefully examine each vehicle before it is given to the customer. Transport rental services by our company will bring you only best emotions. We are confident that you will find the process of renting a car with us simple and convenient.

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Renting a car without driver has become possible in Kyrgyzstan long ago. Take your chance in travelling in Kyrgyzstan by renting our cars for rent. All cars for rentals are in excellent condition as they undergo regular technical inspection and our specialists properly maintain them in Kyrgyzstan. So that you can be sure and relaxed while driving in difficult high mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan. For example if you decided to go such places as Issyk Kul, different gorges around it, Son Kul lake, or Tash Rabat our cars given for rental in Kyrgyzstan will make you feel safe and comfortable everywhere. Besides cars rental in Bishkek without a driver you can also rent a car with a driver. Renting a car with driver in Bishkek is also very convenient if it is a business meeting or delegations. We will provide the most experienced and professional drivers for cars for rent for you, your colleagues or friends. With our cars for rent with drivers you never have to worry about  the safety on the road and just enjoy your drive during your stay in Kyrgyzstan. Our car rental company in Bishkek can offer you a big variety of cars that will correspond to every your occasion. The system of payment and terms of car rent with us are very simple that you don't have to worry about formalities and other regulations in Kyrgyzstan. Become our business partners and enjoy our special discounts  for the best car rental services in Kyrgyzstan!