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Car rental in Kyrgyzstan.

Our company in Bishkek is specialized in car rent of different classes in Kazakhstan too. We are happy to present high level service, wide option of cars and the most attractive prices in Tajikistan as well.

We exist in the sphere of car rental business in Kyrgyzstan for a long time and our experience is undisputed. We value the comfort of our customers and always try to come up with an individual approach to everyone in order to provide our services of car rental in Kyrgyzstan. Our company has a big selection of categories of cars for rent in Bishkek. Our cars for rent regularly pass technical inspection and therefore they are always in excellent condition to drive in the most difficult routes in Kyrgyzstan.

Our staff that specializes in car rental services in Bishkek will help you to choose the best car for rent having learnt your demands. Our experts in car rental in Kyrgyzstan will tell you all the information about cars, prices and car rent conditions. Paperwork of car rental is very easy and fast and takes a few minutes. They will help in all issues concerning car rental in Kyrgyzstan and answer any questions that you might have. For more précised information of car rental in Kyrgyzstan you should send us an email with the request, or meet us in our office which is in Bishkek or contact our managers by phone call.

We are able to provide different types of transport for car rent in Kyrgyzstan. Let us present you services of car rental with and without drivers in Bishkek. If you do not want to care about road and driving you can rent a car with driver leaving all the responsibility behind and just enjoying the sites in Kyrgyzstan you need a car rent with driver. If you are expecting important groups or delegations to Bishkek, Almaty or Dushanbe we can offer you VIP cars for rent with driver. Our experienced drivers will take them to every place you need for your fruitful achievement of goals. If you need a car for travelling to the mountains to visit to the most beautiful parts then you need to rent from us a car without driver. It is very popular type of car rent in Tajikistan if you want to feel the freedom. It is a good way of exploring Kazakhstan on your own and it is better to rent a car without a driver.

We will provide you our car rental services in Bishkek and in Kyrgyzstan and make discounts. Our prices for car rental are so attractive in Bishkek that you will definitely like it. We want every client to be content with the chosen car, its price and excellent service. Come to Kyrgyzstan and rent a car from us!


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