- 25 years old is the minimum age that the driver should be
- He/she has to provide driver's license and passport (Identification card)

Vehicle's exploitation:
- Daily mileage should not be more than 250 km. For extra distances the extra price will be 0.35$ per 1 km
- Driving outside of the country be agreed by "Car Rent 24/7" Company. 

Car delivery:
- Delivery of cars can be done around the clock, with no holidays and weekends for free of charge

The price comprises:
- Insurance for the car (see below)

You can pay through:
- Money in cash
- Bank transfer system
- Visa and Master Card systems

Conditions of payment for car rent (in all countries as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan):
- The full car rental price is paid at the moment when the customer receives a car
- Security deposit of 1000 $ is returned back when returning the car after usage

Deposit is taken by the company partly or completely in the following cases:
- If a customer damages tires on wheels or break windows - we keep only the sum of damage.
- If you scratch or damage the car:
          Damages less than 500 $ - we must keep only the sum of damage.
          Damages more than 500 $ - we are going to keep 500$, and the rest is paid by insurance. 
          If the car is totally broken - we keep 1000$, and the rest is covered by insurance.



Our company is a leading company in car renting sphere and we are happy to present you our services in Kyrgyzstan! We assure you to provide with the best car rent service at the most reasonable prices in Kyrgyzstan. In Almaty and Dushanbe we have offices to provide all the necessary information for your travelling. You can contact our managers 24 hours a day and learn more detailed information about our terms and prices for car rent in Kyrgyzstan. We will be happy to assist you to choose the best car for rent that corresponds to your taste and occasion. You can either contact by the phone or send us a request for which you will get a prompt answer. Car rent is very comfortable if you are planning free-set travelling around Kyrgyzstan to drive to the mountains, lakes or be around Bishkek with your family or friends. We will be glad to see you among our constant car rent customers who use our services and enjoy its quality and professionalism in Kyrgyzstan.

The following is what we offer:
- Self- drive for a long term
- Self- drive for a short term
- Car reте with driver
- VIP transport
- Arrangements of meetings in the airport

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